After the outstanding results achieved with the two previous projects on rural mobility, SMARTA and SMARTA 2, arrives SMARTA NET!

The project, coordinated by MemEx, lead partner of a Consortium of five companies, aims to promote sustainable shared mobility integrated with public transport in rural areas, already analyzed in the two previous projects, with a focus on areas where tourism of various forms is an important part of their economy. SMARTA-NET looks at the mobility needs of residents and visitors, as well as workers in the tourism and agri-business sector, so that people can live, visit and get around without always needing their own car. This will be achieved by assessing target good practices on rural shared mobility, designing guidance and training courses on different themes, and setting up a pan European network of rural municipalities, authorities, and practitioners. The project officially started on 1st December 2022, and will last 24 months, involving partners and stakeholders from all over Europe.

The new project website is coming soon, stay tuned!