The first meeting between the representatives of the Lighthouse Sites of the SMARTA-NET project took place in the Municipality of Narni (Italy) on 16th and 17th May 2023.

One of the main objectives of the project is the creation of a pan-European network (European Rural Mobility Network – ERMN) composed of municipalities, associations, public and private entities in the rural areas of Europe. Lighthouse Sites are the municipalities of the European neighbouring areas, and represent the main and essential members of the ERMN. These and other members, such as LAGs, associations/organisations, regional/state authorities, form this network. Indeed, the Network aims to highlight the presence of these rural realities in the European landscape, focusing on the challenges and opportunities of the sectors of mobility and sustainable tourism in these areas.

The event involved, in mixed modality (online and in presence), eleven sites from different European countries, such as: Narni (IT), Kilkenny (IE), Madeira (PT), Alentejo (PT), Kusel (DE), Lake Balaton (HU), Jastrebarsko (HR), Saleska Valley (SI), Rethymno (GR), East Tyrol (AT), and Vidzeme (LV). The meeting, organized by the SMARTA-NET Consortium, and coordinated by MemEx, was a first opportunity to meet and involve ERMN members in project activities. The meeting allowed to start a process of discussion and an exchange of ideas on the specific needs and challenges of different rural destinations, and on the development of specific solutions to meet the needs of tourists and residents.

The next ERMN event will be held online on 6th and 7th June, with the presentation of “good practices” in the field of sustainable mobility. The event is open and requires online registration.

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