Good morning Mr Liberato, thank you for this short interview. ENCLOSE just came to an end after a successful implementation. How was the ENCLOSE experience for MemEx?
Antonio: MemEx has a long experience, of over 20 years, in European projects, but ENCLOSE was definitely one of the most challenging and satisfactory experiences that we have made and it represents a key milestone in MemEx history.

MemEx technicians are known for their significant experience in the field of city logistics. How did the project impacted on Company’s expertise?
Antonio: City logistics is actually one of the core fields of Company’s work since 1996. ENCLOSE project idea started from the consideration that some significant barriers and weaknesses still exist in the EU scenario and we coordinated the consortium as expert partner. ENCLOSE for us represented the opportunity to consolidate our skills but, at the same time, it enabled us to get to know new interesting realities, enlarge our network of experts and cities and, last but not least, to improve our competences in project management and training, as we had to deal with very different partners and realities.

Was it difficult for MemEx to cope with such a large and heterogeneous consortium?
Antonio: Of course it was! We could really not expect that such a huge amount of work was to be carried-out, especially when it came to meetings with different local stakeholders. In any case, the evident and easily demonstrable practical impacts of ENCLOSE project and measures helped us to overcome the initial scepticism of several decision-takers regarding innovative logistics approaches and measures. We particularly appreciated the growing interest of many different local stakeholders and citizens in the second half of project, as this proved that the training and awareness raising activities had been successful and efficient.