City Logistics - News

26Jun 2018

CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project partners are currently participating to a study visit in China, workshop in Beijing and Shenzhen. The participants will have the opportunity to meet leading Chinese companies implementing innovative sustainable urban transport solutions in Chinese cities. Giorgio Ambrosino (MemEx), participating at the visit,will exhibit the projects “Shared Mobility Agency concept and support Platform […]

15Nov 2017

The kick of meeting of Life Aspire Project took place on October 26 and 27 in Lucca. Memex  is in charge of environmental impact evaluation and offers technical support to Municipality of Lucca for implementation and planning of logistics services. The project focuses on the theme of the sustainability of the goods transport in small […]

28Aug 2017

MemEx has been appointed by the city of Zadar to carry out a feasibility study of environmentally sustainable logistics services/measures that are most suitable for the process of freight transport within the urban part of the city peninsula. In addition to being a tool for analysis and decision-making about possible logistics services in the area […]

26Apr 2016

MemEx has participated to  3 Conference of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan held on 12-13 April in Bremen where more than 400 stakeholders coming mainly from  European regional and local Autorithy  come for discussing on Smart Mobility, planning approach and sustainability of measures Giorgio was invited to chair the session Session C2 “The freight challenge:  Developing […]

07Jan 2016

MemEx attended in TRB 2016, the 95th annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board of the American National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, to be held in Washington DC from January 10th to 14th 2016. Giorgio and Saverio attended the sessions focused on ITS, Public Transport, City Logistics and Mobility as a Service (MAAS) . Additionally: Giorgio, as a […]

26Apr 2015

In its capacity as technical coordinator of the ENCLOSE project, within the framework of the European Programme IEE (Intelligent European Energy), MemEx has developed – in liaison with the other partners – a method to support the technicians and stakeholders of the European City Councils for the elaboration of the SULPs (Sustainable Urban Logistics Plans), […]

22Jan 2015

The 94 annual meeting of TRB was held in Washington 11-14 January 2015 and the “Transforming the Transportation” Conference of World Bank and EMBARQ 15-16 January 2015. The TRB conference is the big event (involving more than 11.000 researchers, professionals and technicians coming also from many no-US countries) organized every year by the Transportation Research […]