Giorgio Ambrosino partecipated in the EVENT “The research goes on stage: policies in action” it is organized by the Tuscan region on November 22 in Florence at the “Theater of the Company”. The purpose of the event was to present projects and the research result, which was conducted in Tuscany. These research activities are the result of the agreement between the Ministry of education, university and research, the Agency for territorial cohesion and the Tuscan region in 2013. LINFA is the intelligent logistics project for the drug and was exposed in the poster session, set up at the theater hall. Memex is responsible partner of evaluation activity for this project. LINFA is one of the 20 projects funded within the call FAR-FAS 2014. The scientific goal of the project is define methods and models to support decisions relating to distributive logistics of the drug, of the devices and of other material in the logistics chain.