Smart Cities

The concept of the Smart City has been emerging over recent years at the level of policy and directives of the European Union and the national governments. The Smart City is a city that performs well, capable of resolving citizens’ problems in the most important sectors affecting urban quality: reduction of energy consumption and pollution, social cohesion, health, good administration and the accessibility and quality of the services of mobility and transport.
The European and non-European cities that are recognised as being most attractive and productive demonstrate that there can be no “smart” city without a “smart” mobility. This has to be based, on the one hand, on cooperation between the various mobility services (co-modality), and on the other – and more importantly – on efficient, extensive and quality collective transport services.
As we see it, the “Smart City” should not be taken as a model that all cities ought to conform to, but rather as a method for investigating the needs and requirements of the city, so as to support the design, realisation and integration of the solutions and services best suited to meet the demands of the citizens.

Smart Cities news

In its capacity as technical coordinator of the ENCLOSE project, within the framework of the European Programme IEE (Intelligent European Energy), MemEx has developed – in liaison with the other partners – a method to support the technicians and stakeholders of the European City Councils for the elaboration of the SULPs (Sustainable Urban Logistics Plans), […]

“Public Transport and Evaluation APPs integration @Siena” was the title of the presentation made by Eleonora Ercoli during the webinar Data for Smart Traffic Management, organised on the 21st october in the frame of the series “Implementing Sustainable Mobility in the Mediterranean” by the Urban Transports Community. The new functionalities of the public transport App in […]

Participate to the workshop on rural mobility “Possible mobility scenarios: a vision for Dreisam Stromer”  organised by Bürgerbus Dreisam Stromer in collaboration with SMARTA project on the 20th October. The one-day workshop will bring local communities together with planners and political decision-makers. The workshop will start with a keynote speech from Dr. Martin Schiefelbush, which will […]

Join the final event (6th – 20th October) of three CIVITAS living labs projects – CIVITAS DESTINATIONS, CIVITAS ECCENTRIC and CIVITAS PORTIS – that have been testing and demonstrating innovative mobility solutions over the past four years. Register here to discover the key achievements and lessons learnt on sustainable urban mobility measures implemented in 16 European […]