MemEx, as coordinator of the SMARTA project, participated to the KoM with the association Bürgerbus Oberes Glantal in the small town of Schönenberg-Kübelberg, Rheinland Palatinate (Germany) last 22nd June. This was the first MemEx trip after the lock-down period. The meeting was very productive. Giorgio Ambrosino and Andrea Lorenzini met the representatives of the association and the mayor. Bürgerbus Oberes Glanta operates a door-to-door service entirely managed by volunteers. The collaboration between  Bürgerbus Oberes Glantal and the SMARTA project is supported and promoted by the Kusel district, as can be seen in the following article

On the 23rd June, Giorgio and Andrea participated to the KoM with Bürgerbus Dreisam Stromer in Baden Württemberg. Bürgerbus Dreisam-Stromer operates a service that runs on more than 60 stops along four different lines. The service is operated thanks to the large participation of volunteer drivers

SMARTA project will collaborate with the local stakeholders in both German sites to analyse the level of transferability of the services in other European rural areas.