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Lead organisation and technical coordinator of the European Consortium IEE – ENCLOSE (Energy Efficiency in City Logistics Services for Small and Mid-Sized European Historic Towns), made up of 16 partners from 13 different European countries. The purpose of the project was to develop the European guidelines for the definition of the Sustainable Urban Logistics Plans […]

Partner in the Life+ Perht (Nr. LIFE11 ENV/IT/015) project, in charge of the technical coordination of the activities. Support given to Mobilità di Marca and to the Treviso City Council for the design, activation and management of innovative services for boosting collective and green mobility (bike stations, taxi sharing, control of goods loading/unloading bays, provision […]

Technical coordinator of the European Project LIFE+ ELBA (Integrated Eco-friendly Mobility Services for People and Goods in Small Islands). The project addressed the mobility issues for people and goods in the context of smaller islands, taking Elba Island as reference, with the aim of identifying and experimenting efficacious, green responses to the typical problems of […]