The Public Sector Authorities do not always perceive the significance of the activities of planning, programming, management and control of private mobility and public transport in the urban areas and, more generally, throughout the territory, and the criticality of the impact deriving from structural intervention on the network. This misconception often leads to the marginalisation of the mobility offices or departments and a failure to allocate sufficient resources in terms of personnel and budget.
It is, on the contrary, of the greatest importance that the Public Sector Authorities plan all operations within a single framework that is shared with the operators and stakeholders involved, according to the guidelines of an integrated plan of action (indicated at European level as a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, SUMP), and that each individual operation is developed as part of an integrated system of mobility management. This system factors in support in the form of ICT technologies and systems for the acquisition of mobility data, for the monitoring, control and management of the urban traffic and mobility, and for user/citizen information. It also envisages the adoption of a combination of green solutions (e.g. extensions of the restricted traffic and pedestrian areas, cycle tracks, traffic light synchronisation etc.) ameliorative structural actions (dedicated LPT lanes, car parks outside the city centre, changes in the road network etc.) and regulatory intervention (restricted access for cars and scooters, specific hours for goods distribution etc.)
Within this area, MemEx furnishes its clients with assistance in both the phase of definition of the Mobility Plan, with special reference to the technology plan, and in the phase of planning, implementation and coordination of the individual operations.

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