MemEx supplies its consultancy to public sector clients: Local Authorities, Transport and Mobility Operators and Regulatory Authorities contracting Mobility services.
The corporate mission consists of providing support to these subjects throughout the entire process of planning, designing and creating Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for mobility. It also covers assistance in the management of national and international projects aimed at launching pilot experiences, demonstrations of the efficacy and sustainability of the interventions and evaluation of the same, so as to plan the follow-up expansion or setting in operation.
The corporate approach shuns an overvaluation of the benefits to be automatically guaranteed – which are unfortunately often assumed by the stakeholders, in line with the current “technological” fashions in the mobility sector – and the resulting simplifications steering the design and implementation of the ITS systems.
On the contrary, MemEx is renowned in the sector of consultancy for public transport and mobility for an expediently “critical” vision of the adoption and management of technological solutions by the operators and parties entrusted with the services. This approach hinges on the importance of defining the client’s strategic objectives from the outset, then clarifying the needs and requirements and furnishing full information about the organisational and operational impact of the technology procurement and management process.
The motivation underlying this approach is the key importance that the company assigns to optimising the use of the public funds which are frequently, directly or indirectly involved in financing the implementation and management of technological operations. There are several factors that frequently penalise such optimisation: lack of cooperation between the stakeholders; underestimation of the criticalities of the installations; lack of awareness of the management of technological solutions; the tendency to launch numerous pilot schemes – at times even conflicting – without a clear understanding of the technological and operational implications. Concepts of this kind appear to be more relevant than ever in the current context of tightened purse-strings in public funding, especially in the mobility sector. This places major responsibility on everyone in the decision about what to do and how to do it.
This is why, without presumption, MemEx wishes to ensure that its consultancy and services are guided and inspired by the objectives and priorities inherent to good public administration.


The company pursues its mission by offering clients a series of consultancy services comprising:
• support to Management in identifying the company’s strategic objectives and in the evaluation of the cost/benefit ratio;
• support to technical managers in the definition of the objectives targeted through adoption of the technological solutions and in the clarification of user requirements;
• support to technical/operational personnel in defining the functional and operational specifications of the system and in the review of current corporate operating procedures;
• support to the Contracts Department or Buying Office in the selection of the procurement methods and management of the public tender procedure and/or contracting;
• technical consultancy for the realisation, launching and management of systems;
• support to technical managers and Management in the contract management;
• sourcing of potential funding opportunities.
MemEx is in a position to provide these services on the strength of in-house personnel boasting a range of diversified and complementary skills and specialisations. In addition to their work within the company, some of the MemEx professionals – the Technical Director in particular – serve as international experts on technical steering committees (for example: the Urban Logistics Committee of the Transport Research Board – Washington, and in the past in the Working Group for the European Action COST TU0603, Ministry of Transport Commission – Central Committee of the Albo Nazionale degli Autotrasportatori (National Hauliers Association).
MemEx professionals are frequently invited speakers at international conferences and workshops, as well as addressing university seminars and lectures on the subject of ITS. They also have numerous specialist publications to their credit.