Meet The Team

For over 30 years he has been supporting the Public Sector Authorities and local public transport (LPT) companies with feasibility studies, project design, public tender management, implementation and management of works for ICT/ITS systems for Local Public Transport, Urban Mobility, Infomobility and City Logistics. He has considerable experience in the management and technical coordination of funded R&D and national/international projects. He has numerous publications to his name and has co-authored several books.

An expert on territorial and environmental matters for over 30 years. After several years of residence abroad, working for international companies in the sector of prospecting for oilfields and mineral deposits, he joined MemEx in 1994, being engaged primarily in projects addressing environmental topics. Since 1999 he has also dealt with projects pivoting on city logistics processes, a sector in which he has acquired consolidated experience, as documented by his numerous publications in this field.

An engineer, expert in the field of energy and industrial processes, with over thirty years of experience in Italy and abroad as a manager of ENI. He has also acquired broad experience in the management of municipally-owned companies in the public services sector and as sole director in fine mechanics companies. He is a member of the Board of Directors of MemEx, with which he has collaborated for over 15 years, in particular on European projects relating to energy and the environment.

In MemEx since 2004, his field of action is the ITS sector, with special reference to electronic ticketing and the definition of innovative solutions and services for public transport and mobility. His activity concerns the definition of user needs, management of the public tender and/or contracting of supply, testing, and support in development and launching. He is involved in the MemEx R&D activities and in international cooperation programmes.

An engineer, he has been working in MemEx since 2010, largely in the area of ITS, especially SAE/AVM (Automatic Vehicle Monitoring), and systems of electronic ticketing, providing support in the phase of construction design and performing activities of analysis of the functioning and performance of the systems in the implementation phase and operational launch. He has collaborated in the development of feasibility studies and evaluation of the impact of intervention on urban road networks using dynamic simulation instruments.

She works in MemEx EU Project Division and is mainly involved in the administrative, financial and technical management of EU projects, as well as in the communication and organisation of scientific and promotional events. She has more than 10 years’ experience in managing complex international R&D and interregional cooperation projects, supporting public authorities, research organizations and large private companies. Eleonora has an excellent command of English and French and a basic knowledge of Spanish.

An expert on environmental and territorial topics, especially in the sector of reclamation, with over 30 years’ experience. He has been collaborating with MemEx for over 15 years, dealing with the organisational and operational aspects of the company. He is also responsible for in the field activities of the working groups for acquisition of the data necessary for elaborating dynamic traffic simulations and the environmental evaluations connected with the processes of urban mobility.

Andrea is a Transport Engineer and has joined MemEx in 2017. Andrea works in the EU Project Division and actively participate to MemEx research and development activities and to the elaboration of projects proposals. Andrea also provides technical assistance to clients mainly in the urban logistics management and in the public transport services planning fields. He has participated to studies on goods intermodal transport, mainly focusing on maritime transport and railways. He has an excellent command of the English language.

Software developer, Simone recently got his diploma at high school with full marks. He works as an intern in MemEx since December 2017. He attends the Faculty of Information Sciences at the University of Pisa. Simone has a very good command of the most common programming languages and frameworks such as Java, C, C ++, .NET, SQL as well as of Web languages (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP).

Brendan Finn is an independent transport consultant with almost 40 years of experience in the public transport sector. He is based in Ireland and has been collaborating with MemEx since more than 20 years. With a background in bus operations, he has worked in many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa on projects in passenger transport policy, regulation, operations and implementation. He has been active in rural transportation since the mid-1990s, both in collaborative European projects such as SAMPO, SAMPLUS, FAMS, CONNECT, and at local level assisting communities in Ireland and Northern Ireland to define their user needs and to develop rural mobility plans.