LIFE ASPIRE coordinated by the Municipality of Lucca (IT) in strict collaboration with MemEx and the research organisation Lucense in Lucca started on the 01st October 2017 and will end in March 2021. LIFE ASPIRE focuses on the theme of the sustainability of the goods transport in small-medium sized urban historical centres. The main innovation of LIFE ASPIRE is the implementation of a policy which awards or penalizes transport operators on the basis of different factors (i.e. vehicle emissions and dimension, duration of the stay, trips frequency, utilized time window, use of new logistics services (LSs), etc.

As operational instrument to manage this innovative policy, LIFE ASPIRE has implemented in Lucca a Logistics Credit Management Platform (LOCMAP). LOCMAP also manages two new LSs (Load/Unload Parking Lots and Cargo-bike Sharing) and will integrate the existing access control system, enhanced with RFID technology, to control commercial vehicles (CVs) entrance/exit in the LTZ.

The technological solutions have been implemented in collaboration with the technological partner Kiunsys/Municipia and with other two cities partners of the project, Stockholm in Sweden and Zadar in Croatia.

For more information visit http://www.life-aspire.eu/  


With the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Commission – LIFE 16 ENV/IT/000004