ISTEN project was financed by the INTERREG ADRION programme and aimed at qualifying ADRION Ports as strategic nodes and hubs for the ADRION Region by setting up strategies, clusters and joint action plans to improve hinterland intermodal connections pushing in particular rail freight flows and last mile connection to the TEN-T Corridors

ISTEN final output is a STRATEGIC AND LOCAL PLAN for the development of an integrated hubs network at ADRION Region scale.

The project started in December 2017 and ended the 30th November 2020. The project comprised 10 Partners (7 ERDF and 3 IPA) from 7 ADRION countries (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Greece) including 5 port authorities, three research centres, 1 regional administration and one national chamber of commerce.

MemEx was appointed by the Lead Partner, Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, for the support in the technical and financial management of the project and by ITL, partner of the project for the elaboration of the ISTEN Local Actions Plans Portfolio and ISTEN Strategic Action Plan, the main output of the project.

Find more information on https://isten.adrioninterreg.eu/