Celso is a low cost AVM system, dedicated to planning, management, monitoring, reviewing, validation and reporting of the service performed.

Foundamental Component:

    1. Celso Center

      Celso Center consists of several modules:  bus fleet monitoring, report production, and system management. In particular:

      • Management and monitoring of the service and bus in real time (messages and localization);
      • Service planning (stops, routes, vehicles and lines);
      • Certification of data;
      • Daily service management;
      • Users and licenses management;
      • Final report of the service.
    2. Celso Mob

      Through Celso MOB App, data with information on the operated service are collected. The data is sent to the control centre in real-time . The control centre processes, records and makes data available.  System data are presented automatically to vehicle drivers through the Celso MOB App (downloaded by Android system and installed on an on-board/driver’s tablet) receiving inputs from the operation control centre.



    3. Info user App

      App downloadable from the Android system , offers users information about lines and travels of the vehicles , offers the possibility to define favourites stops and routes. There is a dedicated section where users can express a judgment about the service offered and give useful advice in order to improve it.

    Main features

    The AVM solutions currently available on the market have a high level of technical/operational complexity. This means that they can only be fully and correctly implemented in optimal operation conditions, which are usually very hard to achieve. For this reason the Celso system was designed.

    Celso address weaknesses in existing AVM systems, with an innovative solution that minimises technical complexity, reduces purchase, installation, operation and maintenance costs and introduces automated data validation components.