MemEx has participated to  3 Conference of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan held on 12-13 April in Bremen where more than 400 stakeholders coming mainly from  European regional and local Autorithy  come for discussing on Smart Mobility, planning approach and sustainability of measures

Giorgio was invited to chair the session Session C2 “The freight challenge:  Developing a sustainable urban freight policy”  and to give the speech ““Integrating Sustainable Urban Logistics Plans (SULP) development with the SUMP process:  Key lessons from 9 European  cities” .

The conference was also the occasion  to present the last project and activities carried out by MemEx  in the LIFE + PERHT project (specially on the ride sharing aproach) and on the ITS options for the Public Transport sector.




In particular, Antonio and Irene, with great availability and endurance have managed  the stand providing an overview of the SULP portfolio discussinng with the different stakeholders the main initatives of MemEx.