Celso testing has started on June 30th in the two Elba Municipalities of Rio Marina and Portoferraio. The test involves the “Mare bus” service in Rio Marina, a summer bus service to the most popular beaches. The test will be also soon activated in the maritime routes of Chicchero in Portoferraio.

The Celso system allows the collection and validation of data on the public transport service (transit time recording, departure time and arrival time, the distance traveled by vehicles). These data are essential for evaluating the quality of the service. Celso also includes a Business Intelligence module for the elaboration of trips reports useful for further producing services analysis and statistics.

Moreover, the info app “Mare Bus Elba” provides valuable services information to the users such as the real-time position of the buses or ferries in service on the route. Moreover, users have the opportunity to express their opinion and assessment on the quality of the service and the app.