MemEx has been selected, among a great number of applicants, as one of the 6 European SMEs by the consortium of the CUBE IN project, funded by EASME, to participate to a technical study visit in India to visit mobility hotspots, start-ups in the sector of ICT and shared mobility, TNC companies  and transport and mobility agencies, in particular: Dabbawalla, ZipGo, Ridl’r and Ola mobility solutions. The invitation to participate to CUBE IN selection was motivated by the Seal of Excellence awarded to MemEx for the CELSO system.

During the 7 days tour in Mumbai and Bangalore (from 1st  – 8th February 2018), Giorgio Ambrosino had the chance to present the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS project and its leading features such as the concept of the Shared Mobility Agency and its related ICT platform and the CELSO system for the collection and validation of public transport services data.