City Logistics

Along with private traffic, the processes of goods transport and distribution are one of the main causes of energy consumption, harmful gas emissions and the rise in noise levels in the urban areas, contributing to the known negative impact on the quality of life and the environment in the European cities.
This phenomenon is destined to increase, since – despite the economic crisis and the opening of numerous shopping malls in suburban areas – a gradual revival of activities connected with small-scale retail in the old city centres of Italy is taking place. In addition, new forms of purchase (online, for example) entail home delivery, while the increase in tourist flows has led to the emergence of commercial activities devoted to this segment.

All this means that the urban areas, and the old city centres in particular, are increasingly under pressure not only from private traffic but also from major flows of goods traffic, frequently characterised by low load ratios and engines of a highly pollutant type.
For these reasons, by now the adoption of infrastructures and systems tailored to a correct and efficient management of City Logistics is increasingly considered – in most countries and especially in Europe – as a key factor in the improvement of urban mobility.

City Logistics news

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