Smart Cities - Project

25Jul 2012

Technical coordinator appointed by the City Council of La Spezia for the definition of the technical and operational specifications and the tender procedure for a system of access control, payment and integrated management of car parks and goods loading/unloading areas and traffic light coordination. Support for works management and system testing.

01Jan 2012

In charge of the activation and testing of payment for services via contactless Smart Card integrated with the urban service of local public transport, on behalf of ATAM – a public company managing the car parks in the urban area of Arezzo, and of the public transport operator Tiemme

12May 2011

Partner in the Life+ Perht (Nr. LIFE11 ENV/IT/015) project, in charge of the technical coordination of the activities. Support given to Mobilità di Marca and to the Treviso City Council for the design, activation and management of innovative services for boosting collective and green mobility (bike stations, taxi sharing, control of goods loading/unloading bays, provision […]

10Feb 2011

Partner in the Cocities – (CIP-ICT PSP 2010 Nr.270926) project for the cooperative management of multimodal services of user information on mobile platforms (since 2012, ongoing). Within this project, MemEx supported the Tuscan Regional Authority and Mobilità di Marca in the launching, management and evaluation of the Italian project sites.