City - Logistics - Project

03Jul 2018

On June 27th CIVITAS DESTINATIONS partners went to Shenzen to pay a visit to BYD Company Limited, a leading high-tech multinational company, operating in the key fields of IT, automotive, new energy, and rail transit.. CIVITAS DESTINATIONS was also hosted by Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning Center’s Lab at the cutting edge for ITS applications applied […]

18Dec 2017

LIFE Elba and LIFE Perth are two of the Italian LIFE Environment projects selected by the Italian Ministry of the Environment for presenting their results in occasion of a study tour to life projects by the Cypriot and Greek National Authorities of the LIFE programme, namely the Cypriot Ministry of Agriculture, rural development and Environment […]

14Mar 2012

Lead organisation and technical coordinator of the European Consortium IEE – ENCLOSE (Energy Efficiency in City Logistics Services for Small and Mid-Sized European Historic Towns), made up of 16 partners from 13 different European countries. The purpose of the project was to develop the European guidelines for the definition of the Sustainable Urban Logistics Plans […]

21Jun 2010

Technical coordinator of the European Project LIFE+ ELBA (Integrated Eco-friendly Mobility Services for People and Goods in Small Islands). The project addressed the mobility issues for people and goods in the context of smaller islands, taking Elba Island as reference, with the aim of identifying and experimenting efficacious, green responses to the typical problems of […]

01Jan 2006

Overall technical coordinator of the INTERREG IIIB project “MADAMA – Management Systems for Dangerous Goods Transport In Mediterranean Area”, part of the Regional Programme INTERREG IIIB MEDOCC, for the development of port security services (involving entities and regions in Italy, France and Spain) on behalf of the Innovation Department of the Tuscan Regional Authority;

01Jan 2005

Overall technical coordinator of the project “MATAARI – Improving Mobility and Accessibility to Transport and Logistic Services between Urban Areas and Intermodal Centres”, part of the INTERREG IIIB MEDOCC programme for the study of traffic/mobility impacts of port/urban area interactions (involving ports and cities in Spain, France and Italy), on behalf of the Ports, Airports […]