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It was scheduled for the day July 28, 2016 the “focus group” relating to Celso project. It’s important for MemEx to have the opinion by the participating public transport operator companies (“Tiemme Spa”, “CTT Nord”, “ATAF Gestioni”) concerning Celso approach, possible uses and improvements. The meeting will be held at “ATAF Gestioni” office.

As usual, MemEx in the persons of Giorgio and Claudio, held the annual seminar (2014/2015) at Milan Polytechnic. The contribution was made to the course on “Transport, Mobility and Sustainability” in the faculty of Architecture, run by Professor Lorenzo Mussone. The title of this year’s address was “Towards Smart Mobility – Governance of Urban Mobility, […]

La Spezia City Council: study on optimisation of the traffic lights sequences along the most critical roads in the city centre, with particular reference to the simulation of traffic flows at the Via XXIV Maggio / Via S. Cipriano road junction. Development of guidelines for the management of city mobility.

Infomobility services have for some time been considered fundamental tools for enhancing mobility and transport management, and there are numerous initiatives and programmes at European and national level that foster the spread of such systems and services (see the recent European Directive 2010/40 “ITS Action Plan”). The problems still connected with this, however, call for […]

Technical coordinator appointed by the City Council of La Spezia for the definition of the technical and operational specifications and the tender procedure for a system of access control, payment and integrated management of car parks and goods loading/unloading areas and traffic light coordination. Support for works management and system testing.